Print Job #740

Written By: Chris Remo

In 2125
I was on a mining colony
On mars
Just a quiet backwater facility
Among the stars
And then one day
I was minding my own business
I was mining my own ore
And there he was
Space asshole
In a truck flying off a ridge
Space asshole
Smashing through a bridge
And as he landed, out came his hammer
Smashed my boss right in the face
Space asshole
Planting charges left and right
Space asshole
All he does is annihilate and fight
I didn't sign up for this
I just wanted to get away
Somewhere remote
Just a place where I can earn myself a day's pay
Without being smote
But every time I think I'm safe
Every time I think it's calm
I am wrong
Space asshole
Hammer swinging, buildings falling down
Space asshole
Laying waste to this entire town
Now all the rest are dead
Space asshole has prevailed
Only I am left alive to tell the tale of
Space asshole
Comes out of nowhere to destroy
Space asshole
Wanton carnage is all he can enjoy
Space asshole
In a truck, flying off a ridge
Space asshole
Smashing through a