Schizo Manifesto

Written By: A Borderline Schizo I Know

I feel like people need to know how the world is working as important as they know their lives are. The world is a complicated society that has been developing for thousands of years after different generations of humans have been inheriting society. We all have a different idea on how society is and what it means, but what is it and how is it so influential on our lives? Look at the bigger picture, 100 years ago the age of colonisation, a time where people on Earth were still trying to figure out what we are doing here, and a century later we are still trying to answer that exact question. Culture is changing, that word culture is interesting, isn’t it? Culture is changing around us, and it is the idea of a certain music, a certain fashion and by far is how our society is changing completely and all the time. People need to be aware of what is happening! On a planet where our lives are essentially meaningless and our emotions control all our choices and like an unstable isotope everything in the universe