Schizo Manifesto pt2

Written By: A Borderline Schizo I Know

is trying to get into a stable state, that is the same as our emotions we feel good when we listen to music, we feel good when we are happy, and our bodies have high dopamine and serotonin levels… but why? Why are we so obsessed with the idea of being happy that are taking stimulant and psychedelic drugs to learn more about ourselves where the answer is essentially right there in front of us! Why do some people need to be famous and have all the attention and some of us are stuck in dead end jobs for the rest of our lives where we die and sometimes have nothing to show for our insignificant lives where there are some people that have done absolutely nothing in their lives and get to live the dream that we all have night? Maybe the point is that we need to make the best of our lives, no matter what even though in the big picture that doesn’t even matter! No, it doesn’t fucking matter what we do the planet is still dying, culture is still changing, we are still finding new ways to kill off generations of