Print Job #603

Written By: Remy Rosk

                                                          Bob the Bartenders
nr 1. Wizards favorite. Ever wanted to feel like a wizard? Heres the drink! Expensive!
Recipe: 35 units wizz fizz, 10 units bluespace dust. and 5 units Tequila sunrise.
Steps: grind enough bluespace, pour in the tequila sunrise and end it with the wizz fizz, dont forget to shake it!

nr 2. Party Juice! Party party party but lets not be hearty because i dont feel!!!!
Recipe: 10 units Justicars Juice, 10 units pan galactic gargle blaster and 10 units nar'sour.
Steps: IMPORTAINT: Mix justicars juice and nar'sour togheter and DONT make the pan galactic gargle blaster in your shaker!!

nr 3. Devils rum. Got pirates over? Well lets see how long they can stand after this!
Step 1. Aqquire spray paint. Last step: spray a glass bottle red for maximum effect!
Recipe: 30 units rum (5 units rum n coke can be used if the pirates are more ''civillized'') 15 units Atomic bomb (can be replaced) and 5 units brave bull. Yarrr harrr!