Print Job #454

Written By: Winter Sonari

The Vuulen Question

It has long been since the Vuulen,most commonly know to the SIC as Lizardmen,have been clammering for equal rights - and we can all see why. Their pays are slashed,their rights uncared for,their representatives are silenced and many of their people still creek under the heel of oppression,and as such,they demand liberation.
But what liberation? They demand civil,political emancipation. They demand recognituon as citizens by the SIC,equal pay from nanotrasen,they ask to be treated as men are. Yet,I ask,how would that free them,when man is not free?

The SIC and Nanotrasen,by their very nature,are oppressive organizations. They were born out of man's lust of powers,out of capitalistic greed,out of state monopoly on man's freedom - this is no state of freedom,no state of right,no state of choice or liberated people. And if that is the case,how are the Vuulen to be free,if not even man is free? The Vuulen clamber for "Equality",without realizing that the SIC and Nanotrasen recognize no equality,and give no one right,if not themselves.

The SIC does not recognize rights,but merely privilege,which it grants only to those willing to put on the yoke of slavery,to be bemt to their law,to spend their lives in miserable toil for someone else's gain. Even us,station crewmen all,see that within our lives. We toil under a rigid hierarchy,separated in departments,subject to men many o' us barely share anything with. How is this state to grant even man rights,much less the Vuulen?

The answer is simple - it cannot.

To see Vuulen liberation,to see the collective liberation of all sentients upon this young,wonderful universe,we have but one,regrettable path - Revolution! Many times,many many times,we have all clambered for better condition,better pay,one more privilege,one more minute of respite,yet none we have received - if not for crackdowns and violence!

How is this to stand? How is anyone to talk about "equal rights" when no rights are ever given?

With this,I ask all my fellow sentients,be they moth,man,lizard,be they ethereals or silica animus - I ask them to finally stand up for what is truly right,to not merely accept the system for what it is,and merely ask for a padded yoke under its slavery - but to build a new one,one not of state and corporation,but one of worker and citizen.

I ask all my fellow sentients to stand up and fight for their determination,for their self preservation,for their good,for their friends,and for their families,and for their race. I ask you all not to put fealty in some outside power,but to follow me into building our own,new society,one not of violence and oppression,but one of love and comradeship.

I ask to build it by direct action,by collective fighting and toil,and to avoid blood whenever possible,to show that the future we build is truly brighter than the unending darkness of our present,to show that there still is some hope out there for the universe's sentient races.