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Written By: Reflects-The-Farway


The Socialistic Lizard Manifesto.

Version 1

Theory 1: Rights

Long have the lizard race suffered from prejudice from the other races of the galaxy.

There are plenty of made up reasons that have been solidified as fact.


Lizard people are just as capable as humans in everything they do.

Humans and lizards must co-exist under the same rights.

Theory 2: Work

Lizards are good workers, yes, but this does not mean that they should be forced into it.

Lizard people must have a decision to work, and must not be harrased into it.

Long have people glossed over the sin of forced labor on the lizard race, no more.

Theory 3: Pay

Humans have paid lizard people very little, this is unfair.

We call for equal payment between the human and lizard race.

No more barriers.

Theory 4: Job Restrictions

Going back to Theory 1, lizards have not been treated equally.

This includes jobs.

Long have they been limited to very few job positions, with only recently the allowing of the lizard HoP. We request all lizards be allowed to have the same job positions as humans.

Tear down the barriers of prejudice that block lizards from existing peacefully along side humans.