Print Job #723 (The Reaper Cult 101)

Written By: Reflects-The-Farway


How to deal with / spot a victim of The Reaper

1: Appearence

Victims of the Death Cult / Following of The Reaper in their first stage will often have dark red and soulless eyes. They will also often feel a presence watching them in the room.

2: Phrases

A victim in their 2nd stage will often say certain phrases.


"It suits you so well.."

"The Reaper wills it.."


They will also often blankly stare at people who are not also a victim / cultist.

3: Assimilation process

There are multiple stages to victims of the Reaper. Much like a virus.

Once the victim enters the second stage their mind is split into two, the cult side fighting for power.

1st stage: Dark red eyes, feeling a presence in the room.

2nd stage: under the influence / culted. Will lose most morale and will call the sight of blood and gibs "Beautiful." will often whisper to themselves asking the reaper to quit as a sign of resistance from the previous mind.

3rd stage: completely consumed by the will of the reaper. The previous mind is gone, and all that is left is a completely delusional cultist.

4: Tips for dealing with a Reaper victim

Do not ever feed the victim holy water, it will speed the process up.

If in the first stage, try to talk to them, do not mention the name of The Reaper but try to distance them from it.

If in the second stage, much like the first, try to talk them out of it and try to remind them of themselves before they fell victim. But by this
point it's probably too late.

If in the third stage, all hope is lost, either mourn the loss of them, distance yourself from them and accept that they are dead, or cremate them.