Print Job #967

Written By: PRGTY-251



Bluespace is a curious, dangerous, and unexplained layer of the cloth that makes up our seemingly endless reality. Some do not grasp it at all, seeing it as just another tool to teleport across areas. Some however, see it as more. Some align themselves with certain areas of bluespace anomalies I dub "Pockets" due to their finite and non-euclidian nature.


On my homeworld, formally known as F-209XZ Arbiter, more locally known as Tridux, a large world with large flat fields broken up by towers of factories, there were gates in the plains that lead to these Pockets. One entered by any object, the entrance broke, so no others could go in with you. You could leave, but not come back out. In these pockets, there were usually shattered ruins with doors that lead to even more pockets. The implications this has on bluespace are... Interesting to say the least.