Print Job #618

Written By: PRGTY-251


Bluespace Attuned Individuals

Some. instead of using the Bluespace as a tool, seem to almost link with the bluespace, and get various abilities based on this. An example of this, once again going back to my creation point, would be those who inhabited the shattered ruins in those stone gateways, who managed to find a way to "stabilize" the gates to allow multiple to enter, and re-enter once left. They tended to the ruins, restoring it and creating mighty structures in the finite void within the pockets.

Some however, are not as benevolent. Even inbetween the stars, Bluespace linkage is used to cause chaos and destruction. There are no confirmed and proven cases of this, but I theorize the Wizard federation uses it to use their magic, and the various cults of the galaxy do too. The way their abilities teleport in, is very familiar to that of controlled bluespace.