Print Job #639

Written By: Unknown

Chapter 1 Preperation
The first things you should get before leaving the space station is a space suit and air tank. The air tank is easy as you already start with one in your supply box, however obtaining a space suit is a lot harder(unless your a curator, where you can get one with your supply beacon). The best way is to ask your HOP for EVA access, in there you will find all of the equipment you need. If you cant do that a firefighter suit will provide sufficient protection from presure, but not from the coldness of space so it it not recomended.
After acquiring your suit and o2 tank you can leave, however I recomend grabbing some other equipment.
  • A tool belt and tools (you can find this in EVA or tool storage)
  • A GPS (ask science to make you one)
  • A flashlight (either your PDA or make one in an autolathe)
  • A pen and paper to track your path (you can find these at any department)
  • A means of tranportation
    • A jetpack(found in EVA)

And with all that you are set for an epic journey!

Chapter 2 Traversi
ng space
You should exit out the escape shuttle airlock as you already have access and it has larger airlocks allowing you to pull a crate with you if you want extra storage.
Now head in ANY random dirrection and wait, this is the longest part of your space walk so I recomend doing playing some games on your PDA or reading while you wait to encounter something. If you reach the station again, move a far from your origin and head in a different dirrection and repeat.

Chapter 3 Wrecks, asteroids and other oddities
Out in space there are many strange things you can find from abandoned ships to asteroids made of paper now it is most important to remember these places are sometimes have unfriendly residents so be ready for a fight.
Getting into wrecks is easy assuming you brought tools as you can just break down a wall/window, be warry though as the inside may be pressurised and there is NOTHING to stop you from flying off into space. After you have entered kill any inhabitants and take what is rightfully yours.

Chapter 4 Getting home
This is where your pencil and paper come in handy, whenever you pass a barrier mark which dirrection you came from and then when you want to get home just follow your path. For example if you head North and then East right down that the way home is west and then south. This will stop you from being adrift is space endlessly

Chapter 5 Warnings
If you die in deep space the paramedics are highly unlikely to find you so make sure to tell someone your leaving.
Here is a short list of everything that can AND WILL kill you
  • Running out of oxygen
  • Hostile inhabitants of wrecks
  • Turrets guarding wrecks
  • Docking shuttles(ovoid blue circles)
  • Traitors disposing of evidence
This is NOT a complete list so be constantly alert for any sign of danger.