Book: The Void

Written By: Diana De Valliere

The Void Cult

The Void cult is a cult from the depth of space, they do not use any other source of power but technology and science, but it is powered by the source of the depths of space in which it is just pure black to the point when you enter it you are unable to get back out. It is unknown how they have mastered the ability to enter the "Void", as we like to call it. Reports of them are old and outdated, and none of these Void cultists have been spotted for hundreds of thousands of years.
The only report of the sight of this Void cult is one surviving Security officer was recovered missing multiple parts of his body. He told them that if they even touched a part of your body, it would just disapear. He explain further that the station was over-burdened and they had taken over but left taking half the station with them. He said they were easy to deal with at first but as time grew the cultist had been growing hardsuits on the surface of their skin, the alloy unknown to spess-kind. After they obtained enough power they summoned their leader, he was unlike no other, a monster with very high levels of energy with the ability to pull in any form of matter and turn into the Void leaving blackness in it's trail. It also states in the report they just disapeared at one point leaving a message, "The Void is a new home for a new kind".