Print Job #685

Written By: Thugbreaker

Well, Captain, I made it, despite your directions.
Ahh, Head of Personel Tider! I hope your prepared for an unforgettable valid hunt.
Oh egads! My valid is RUINED. But what if, I were to make the clown a valid?
Ohohoho, delightfully griefer, Captain. HoP-
Caaaptain, with his crazy admin helps, the HoP's gonna need his antag token, when he hear's Captain's lame announcements there'll be trouble on station today!
CAAAAAAPTAAAAAAAAAIN! HoP, I was just, stunning a staffie breaking in, isometric robusting. Care to join me?  
Why does the clown have a laser, Captain?  
Uh-ooh, thats not a laser, its a practice gun! A practice gun from the brig, yea, practice gun!
Whew.. HoP, I hope your ready for an execution!
I thought the clown had a practice gun?
D'oh no, I said antag gun, thats what I call syndicate items.
You call syndicate items antag guns?
Yes. Its a codebase thing.
Uh-huh, what codebase?
Uhhh- TGStation.
Well I play TG and i've never heard the phrase '