Print Job #383

Written By: Rein Dvorak

Pickaxe Hero: Tales of Hank 'Rockcrusher' Johnson and the Monster Menace

By Rein Dvorak


In the far reaches of space, aboard the rickety yet oddly charming Space Station 13, a fearless miner named Hank "Rockcrusher" Johnson had a reputation that preceded him. He was a burly fellow with a pickaxe that looked more like a battleaxe, and he had the uncanny ability to turn alien minerals into fabulous fashion accessories.

One fateful day, a distress call echoed through the intercom: "Attention all crew, we've got a monster infestation in the mining sector! Repeat, monsters in the mining sector!" Hank's eyes gleamed with excitement. This was no ordinary Tuesday; this was Monster Mash Monday, apparently!

Without a moment's hesitation, Hank grabbed his trusty pickaxe and marched into the depths of the mining tunnels. As he descended, the air grew thick with tension and the faint echo of growls. The mining sector was