Print Job #746

Written By: Eden Moriah


Skibidi Toilet By George Eden Moriah

It was a calm day in the Gee Mord "big city", nothing much was happening besides the small infections causing coughs here in there, everyone was happy and calm. However, that all changed until NASA scanned a signal from outerspace, a ship the shape of a toilet was aproaching earth, before anyone could do anything all the infected started turning into toilets, with their heads poking out of the toilet drain, panic insued military was called and tried to fight them off, but they were outmatched by a huge toilet, all they said was "skibidi".
Everyone thought that it was over, until another weird ship aproached earth, they identified themselfs as "camera men" they were normal humans but instead of a head they had a camera. They told humanity that they will save them from the toilets, as they landed the enemies seemed to target the camera men, however due to their skills they were able to defeat a small part of the toilets, taking a part of the city back. As the war became more tense both