Book: Spellbook of Bless

Written By: The Wizard Federation

Cantrip: Bless

Requires Robes: No
Requires Add. Components: Holy Text (optional)

Description:Bless is a nonverbal cantrip, castable by the most novice of mages. It's a "training" spell, for those with weak and untrained magic reserves, to grow used to the process of spellweaving. Bless fortifies an existing object with a small amount of holy energy, making it resistant to attacks by demonic or eldritch forces. When channeled through an existing holy relic, such as a text, it can cause water to repel and cleanse of eldritch/demonic presences.

Casting:Place a hand lightly on the object in question. Focus inwardly on the concept of purity while drawing on your innate magic, and release through the hand into the object.In the case of blessing water, amass holy energy in your book before channeling outward into the water container.