Book: Staff of Protection

Written By: The Wizard Federation

Mage Foundry: Staff of Protection

Nonmagical Components:2x metal rods, 4x plasteel, 2x bluespace crystals

Magical Components:1x Sapphire/Ruby gem, 1x Scroll of Protection

Description:A Staff of Protection emits a magical ward around its user, similar to a shield. This ward is capable of blocking most brute force attacks, and more rarely, projectile weapons.This ward is only active when the staff is held in the hand, and may be utilized by a non-mage.

Creation:The two metal rods are attached together to form the frame for the handle, Three plasteel sheets are molded around this, strengthening it. The final plasteel sheet is formed into a semisphere, grooved to hold the gemstone.The scroll of protection is rolled up, with the two bluespace crystals wrapped inside it. The gem is magically penetrated, and the scroll is placed within it. The gem is then made solid again, and placed on the top of the staff. The entirety of the staff is then bathed in magical energy, completing the process.