Order of the Migrant Carp

Written By: Sam Burns

Initiation Rites

The Act

Initiation into the believers of the Infinite Abyss is quite simple - the Migrant Carp demands nothing of a potential acolyte other than for them to visit his domain - so that he may know them better.

In order to so an initiate must experience the vacuum of space - the eseence of the Migrant Carp. The initiate must do so, however, without any material possessions on. Certain sacred words are to be spoken by a Priest of the Abyss while the initiate bathes in the spirit of our father.

The Words

A Priest of the Abyss must speak the following lines in preparation - prior to the initiate entering space.

Blessed is the Migrant Carp - of infinite wisdom and compassion.

This child wishes to experience your reverence - and let you gaze upon their soul.

After these words are spoken the initiate should enter Space, having already stripped themself of all of their material possessions. Then the Priest of the Abyss should recite this blessing.

(Name of the Initiate) has bared themself to you as their faith is pure and true. Blessed is the Migrant Carp - may you visit yourself upon this child and sanctify their soul so they may serve you through life and death.

When the blessing is complete the Priest should pull the newly initiated Acolyte from Space and induct them into our order.