The Six Symtoms of OP diseases

Written By: Kelvin Shaw

There Are Six Symptoms of Virology to make your disease OP as FUCK. 1) DNA Aide- This shit will cycle through diffrent Benefical Powers..... ya R 2) Weight Even-Makes it so you dont have to eat and accidently Cure your disease. 3) Toxic Filter- Filters Toxic Chemicals For free pair with Toxic Compensation to get Auto Healing 4) Self Resperation- You never have to breathe again 5) Toxic Compensation- Slowly Converts Brute/Burns Damge into Toxic Damage pair with Toxic Filter.... Useful for getting out of Crit. 6) Stimulate- Make you run faster All six of these combined will give you your dream virus. 1-4 Needs Plasma So consrerve your plasma or bug the Chemists. PRO TIP* Use your dropper and set the transfer amount to 1 so you use less plasma.Reference