Microlite20 Equipment List

Written By: Andrew Croft

Microlite20 Equipment List

For weapons, the order is NAME, COST, DAMAGE, RANGE(if applicable)
Light Weapons:
Axe, throwing 8GP 1d6 10ft
Dagger 2GP 1d4 10ft
Gauntlet, spiked 5GP 1d4
Hammer, light 1GP 1d6 20ft
Handaxe 6GP 1d4
Mace, light 5GP 1d6
Pick, light 4GP 1d4
Sap 1GP 1d6
Sickle 6GP 1d6
Sword, short 10GP 1d6

One-Handed Weapons:
Battleaxe 10GP 1d8
Club 1d6 10ft
Flail 8GP 1d8
Longsword 15GP 1d8
Mace, heavy 12GP 1d8
Morningstar 8GP 1d8
Pick, heavy 8GP 1d6
Rapier 20GP 1d6
Scimitar 15GP 1d6
Shortspear 1GP 1d6 20ft
Sword, bastard 35GP 1d10
Trident 15GP 1d8 10ft
Waraxe, dwarven 30GP 1d10
Warhammer 12GP 1d8
Whip 1GP 1d3

Two Handed Weapons:
Chain, spiked 25GP 2d4
Falchion 75GP 1d6
Flail, epic 15GP 1d8
Glaive 8GP 1d8
Greataxe 20GP 1d10
Greatclub 5GP 1d8
Greatsword 50GP 2d6
Guisarme 9GP 2d4
Halberd 10GP 1d10
Lance 10GP 1d8
Longspear 5GP 1d8
Quarterstaff 1d6
Scythe 18GP 2d4
Spear 2GP 1d8 20ft

Ranged Weapons:
Crossbow, hand 100GP 1d4 30ft
Crossbow, heavy 50GP 1d10 120ft
Crossbow, light 35GP 1d8 80ft
Dart 5SP 1d4 20ft
Javelin 1GP 1d6 30ft
Longbow 75GP 1d8 100ft
Net 20GP 10ft
Shortbow 30GP 1d6 60ft
Sling 1d4 50ft

Armour and Shields:
For armour, the order is NAME, COST, AC BONUS
Light Armour:
Padded 2GP +1
Leather 10GP +2
Studded Leather 25GP +3
Chain Shirt 100GP +4

Medium Armour:
Hide 15GP +3
Scale Armour 50GP +4
Mail 150GP +5
Breastplate 200GP +5

Heavy Armour:
Splint Armour 200GP +6
Banded Armour 250GP +6
Half-Plate 600GP +7
Full Plate 1500GP +8

Buckler 15GP +1
Shield, light wooden 3GP +1
Shield, light steel 9GP +1
Shield, heavy wooden 7GP +2
Shield, heavy steel 20GP +2
Shield, tower 30GP +4

Adventuring Equipment:
For Equipment, the order is NAME, COST
Acid Flask 10GP
Antitoxin vial 50GP
Artisan's Tools 5GP
Backpack 2GP
Barrel 2GP
Basket 4SP
Bedroll 1SP
Bell 1GP
Blanket 5SP
Block and Tackle 5GP
Bottle, wine, empty 2GP
Bucket, empty 5SP
Caltrops 1GP
Candle 1CP
Canvas (sq. yd.) 1SP
Case, map or scroll 1GP
Chain (10 ft.) 30GP
Chalk, 1 piece 1CP
Chest, empty 2GP
Craftsman's tools 5GP
Crowbar 2GP
Disguise Kit 50GP
Firewood (1 day) 1CP
Fishhook 1SP
Fishing Net(25 sq. ft.) 4GP
Flask, empty 3CP
Flint and Steel 1GP
Grappling Hook 1GP
Hammer 5SP
Healer's Kit 50GP
Holy Symbol, wooden 1GP
Holy Symbol, silver 25GP
Holy Water, flask 25GP
Hourglass 25GP
Ink, vial 8GP
Inkpen 1SP
Jug, clay 3CP
Ladder, 10ft. 5CP
Lamp, common 1SP

Lantern, bullseye 12GP
Lantern, hooded 7GP
Lock S/A/G 20/40/80GP
Magnifying Glass 100GP
Manacles 15GP
Mirror, small steel 10GP
Mug/Tankard, clay 2CP
Musical Instrument 5GP
Oil, pint 1SP
Paper, sheet 4SP
Parchment, sheet 2SP
Pick, miner's 3GP
Pitcher, clay 2CP
Piton 1SP
Pole, 10ft. 2SP
Pot, iron 5SP
Pouch, belt 1GP
Ram, portable 10GP
Rations, trail (1day) 5SP
Rope, hempen(50ft.) 1GP
Rope, silk(50ft.) 10GP
Sack 1SP
Sealing Wax 1GP
Sewing Needle 5SP
Signal Whistle 8SP
Signet Ring 5GP
Sledge 1GP
Soap (per LB) 5SP
Spade or Shovel 2GP
Spell material pouch 5GP
Spellbook, blank 15GP
Spyglass 1000GP
Tent 10GP
Thieves' Tools 30GP
Torch 1CP
Vial, ink or potion 1GP
Waterskin 1GP
Whetstone 2CP

For other gear, or nonstandard gear, consult your DM or await the next version of this equipment list.