Spess Law

Written By: Davide Torrette

Space laws:
Minor crimes (1 minute brig each):
- resist arrest 101
- Possesion of Drugs 104
- nudism 106
- Vandalism 107
- Trespass 109

Medium crimes (2 minutes or 100pnt at labour camp)
- Assault 201
- Pickpocketing 202
- Drug Distribution 203
- Possession of weapons 204
- Rioting 206
- Workplace Hazard 207
- Petty Theft 208
- Breaking&Entry 210

Major crimes (5 minutes or 500pnt at labour camp)
- Assault with deadly weapon 301
- Assault of an officer 302
- Manslaught 303
- Possession of restricted weapons 304
- Possession of explosives 305
- Inciting riot 306
- Sabotage 307
- Theft 308
- Major trespass 309
- Break&Entry in restricted areas 310

Capital crimes (permabrig or death by cyborgification or execution)
- Murder 401
- Assault of ERP 402
- Attempted Murder 403
- Enemy of NT 404
- Mutiny 406
- Grand sabotage 407
- Grand theft 408

There are certain circumstances where deadly force is permissible:

Code Red Situation: situations which would warrant a Code Red, such as: full blown mutinies, hostile boarding parties, and Space Wizards automatically authorise lethal force.

Note - The Alert Status is not required to be elevated to Code Red as in most of these scenarios the Chain of Command will be too damaged or otherwise occupied to raise the Alert Level.

Non-Lethal Weapons Ineffective: certain targets are impervious to NLWs, such as Mechs, Xenomorphs, Borgs, and Hulks. Lethal force may be used against these targets if they prove hostile.

Severe Personal Risk: sometimes getting close enough to a target to slap the cuffs on will create significant personal risk to the Officer.

Criminals in hostile environments such as space, fire, or plasma leaks: as do criminals believed to be in possession of high explosives. Ranged lethal force is the only reasonable option in these conditions.

Armed and Dangerous: if a suspect is in possession of weapons, including stun weapons, and you have reasonable suspicion that they will use these against you, lethal force is permitted. Although in the majority of cases it is still preferable to attempt to detain them non-lethally.

Note - Unauthorised personnel in the armory are considered by default to be Armed and Dangerous, maximum force is permitted to subdue such targets.

Multiple Hostiles: it can be extremely difficult to detain multiple hostiles. As a last resort if you are being mobbed you may deploy your baton in a harmful manner to thin the crowd. Generally it is better to retreat and regroup than stand your ground.
Davide Torrette