The Lizards of a New Hope (Part 1)

Written By: Parker Master

Lizards were once friends maybe even family but then a space station was put up into space. This so called space station wanted to destroy lizards and kill all lizards as we know it. But suddenly this un-racist human named Joe Hawkness was sent up to the station to make a singularity that would only suck in the lizard kind so lizards would be no more. But Joe Hawkness wouldn't let this happen so the day they were about to finish he fired a grappling gun into the singularity and started walking in slowly on top of the rope. Once he gone through he found out it was a stomach of a hydra and everyone knew stomach acid of a hydra with one touch would kill you. So he climbed back through the singularity went on to the console and made it suck in HUMANS ONLY. Then a co-worker said "Launch the singularity!". Joe Hawkness hits LAUNCH the big red flashy button sucking in the space station everyone holding on for life. Then the drunken man says " Holy Sh*t Mother F**ker WE GONNA DIE GONNA DIE!".