Lizard Equality

Written By: T'Rahh Mahh

Lizard Equality

Penned By,
T'Rahh Mahh

It is important for Humans and Lizards to live equally because of multiple reason. One reason would be to get the millions of lizard people out of the streets. After Nanotrasen took over the Lizard homeworld, we were forced to work in harsh conditions for little wage. Now, we can finally promote change.

Over 17 million Lizards live in poverty over all the Class-3 human worlds and above, thats more then double the poverty for humans and other Nanotrasen species combined! This leads to many lizards being forced to commit crimes just to survive, including Space Piracy in the outer worlds.

Do anything you can to help! Donate to various charities such as Life4All or Lizards for Love foundations to help various families in need- or you can just donate to the multiple families you find on the streets. This only continues because the good people do nothing- if the good people did something a brighter future can be seen for the lizards and Nanotrasen as a whole.

Thank You
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