The tale of a space station part 3

Written By: Adam Kele

When the security came the facehugger was already dead and withered away the monkey awoke after some time passed by but not for long... the monkeys chest bursted and a snake like creature came out it was white and bloddy it seemd it ate its way out of the monkeys chest the monkey was now dead and the newly called chestbursted ran away to the large alien it seemd like the large alien with the yellow sack was kind of a mother to the chestburster but she was different she laid eggs she was like a queen it was like this whole species was like ants or insects but much bigger and very different still it was interesting after that we went to have some lunch when we came we saw the chestburster changed color and after a minut or two the chestburster was fully grown it was now a big alien with a razor sharp tail it was black almoast black and blue but we forgot there where other monkeys we put there.... end of part 3