The tale of a space station part 4

Written By: Adam Kele

After that we noticed the other monkeys had theyr chest already split open so it semmed the other chestbursters also grew out theory was right when we saw also the same type of big alien with razor sharp tails we told the captain and security as always but they reacted different this time they actauly wanted to kill them finaly we already had moast of our research done anyway and they where getting kinda dangerous what we didnt know was that the big queen ripped her yellow sack off and started destroying the walls with fucing acid we where terrified all of the aliens escaped the captain immedietly called the shuttle but did not inform the rest of the people of the station we tried to warn them but they didnt listen to us they only listen to the captain like the mindless monkeys they are 30 minutes passed by and reports of aliens have been reported in arrivals of the aliens killing braindead crew thats when when the crew realized it had to run to escape soo it did ....end of part 4