Lurking Creatures

Written By: Andrew Ryan

Light drips from the bulb close by. I feed off it's warmth, consuming it so I might write these memoirs down. Screams of silence reverberate through the halls. Dark shadows of alien figures slink by the windows. These creatures come from a dark corner of space and time. It's borderless and bounding expanse is hinted only by the twinkle of dimming light from an ancient decaying sun. These unearthly and distant beings came to our world like hungry moths, flocking from the deep and unending night. Their presence was not known to us until the first of us went missing. Slowing the station emptied, bodies of crew only later to turn up in maintenance corridors and behind walls. So was the fate of many as they tried to discover the threat. I was left to my manuscripts and tomes, until only them and I were the last aboard this ill fated station. Now they are what will carry my life when the creatures find me. They are outside right now, but I can't see any mouths, eyes, or even hands... just dark figures, waving.