A Lawyers Usual Day

Written By: Jonathon Boyer

It was another usual day on the life of a Nanotrasen worker, Devin Hawkins, or not so usual, he was a lawyer, and had had a number of odd cases, murdering clowns, crazy mimes, it was a wonder these professions were still allowed with the number of crimes they commited, but the security liked him, and the brig was mostly a safe place to work, well, except when said mimes and clowns decided to go crazy. Anyway, nothing out of the usual for a Nanotrasen space station had happened, but fate has a way of screwing over those who tempt it. That was when the engineering commited a insane ammount of errors in a short amount of time, releasing the singularity, not powering up the station properly, not setting up the solar panels, and the station entered a state of dissaray because of it. Well, fate decided to be a little more mean to Devin that day. A meteor shower occored right after these events, and the station was forced to evacuate, and a high percentage of the crew perished on that event, but Devin was fortunate enough to survive, but for how long?