Title Author Category Date Written Tools
Scumdog Bible Arch-Servant Religion
cursed_literature Ur mum Religion
The Book of Mekhane Lee Butter Religion
ΓΏCodex Gigas Forces beyond your comprehension Religion
The Mirrors Of Glory Druja-Telixith Religion
Despacito Lyrics Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and perhaps a ghost Religion
Gozerianism Jeelus-Dreet Religion
The Sickness The Mad Arab Religion
Print Job #645 Yasmin Religion
Believing in God I Franz Oktrekschnein Religion
Book: Lusty Argonian Maid Crassius Curio, retold by Lil E Rexxion Religion
THE VOID Anonymous Religion
SPACE Maxism Bible The Preachcy Chaplen Religion
book of gay Lawrence Ullman Religion
The Globglog Song Globglogabgalab Religion
Mysterious book Anonymous Religion
The Honk Story Anonymous Religion
Cool Z0mbies J0hn Infection Religion
Fish eats bolony Safetyman XIII Religion
The basis of Cthulu That is not dead which can eternal lie. And w Religion