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Round ID Type Reason Ban Date Expire Date Admin Status
43771 Server ERP, told another player to strip, and to flex their ass in the air. xoxeyos
39098 Head of Security, Warden, D... SELF REQUESTED, REMOVE ANYTIME - As a deputized HOS-security-warden-detective, field executed a ling hijack traitor shadowling gang member with another IAA vampire changeling's esword under the guise that their shoes were on too tight, stopping the hijack and deep frying all of their telecrystals as a prank. has a bad history of eating all the donuts when there's no chef. Honestly just permaban this fool if they do this again. Never baiomu
37444 Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, ... Murderbone: As Nanotrasen Ninja, killed people when attempting to capture them. Way too many fucking notes. lewdelf
37189 Abductor, Xenomorph, Blob, ... Murderboning. As Space Pirate, entered the escape shuttle after everything had been looted. Killing ensued. Warned about murderbone restrictions applying to pirates too. lewdelf
37073 Server Valid Complaint: Plasmaflooded Xenobiology by accident, greytided into science, ignored job duties as a medical doctor to go fight xenomorph (non)threat, and multiple time antag-farming. baiomu
37073 Chief Medical Officer, Medi... Valid Complaint: Plasmaflooded Xenobiology accidentally and then abandoned medbay as the only medical doctor to go "fix" the situation. Walked over dead bodies to get supplies for themselves. baiomu
36858 Captain, Head of Personnel,... Round 36858: Incompetance as head, As HoS attempted to hand the captain the NAD and spare by placing them on the floor on the right of port primary, while the captain was still on the shuttle, leading to the spare being taken. adamsogm
36755 Server Metagaming. Saw 3 stealth ops dressed as CC interns, immediately screamed out that they were nukies. After I bwoinked them, and told them not to, they continued to metagame even more than they did the first time. Not many notes for this one, so its a short ban. The next one will not be so short. n3d6
35999 Server As holyparasite of a non antag assistant attacking and critted the CE during a riot on the bridge adamsogm
35999 Holoparasite As holyparasite of a non antag assistant attacking and critted the CE during a riot on the bridge, despite orders not to attack the CE - Revoked by appeal adamsogm
35657 Captain, Head of Personnel,... Round 35657: As RD demoted a scientist who broke back into R&D and began atting the RD, after subduing the scientist, walked away, grabbed a toolbox, walked back, and then started to beat the scientist with it. adamsogm
35640 Captain, Head of Security, ... Legitimate complaint: As security officer, engaged in major incompetence, then, upon being fired, engaged in self-antag behavior and mutiny. Given that they have exhibited major incompetence and poor behavior in roles of authority pertaining to security, I am extending this ban to include captaincy. SUCCESSFUL APPEAL: Never ajhchenry
35301 Server Round 35300: As HoS, exhibited extremely gross incompetence and made a chain of decisions which were the worst possible option. Going to be issuing a 1 day command ban based on a history of gross incompetence. Was apologetic, more a case of confusion than willful incompetence. ajhchenry
35125 Server Round 35125: As a sentient wasp, attacked their creator and many others on station for no reason, was not around to be contacted. Make the next one a lot stiffer. ajhchenry
0 Server Inciting riot, tried blowing up brig. General graytiding. Valid complaint: Never spl99