Title Author Category Date Written Tools
Fucking book Idiot fuckerino Non-Fiction
The Eternal Lizard Ahmed al-Mosawe Non-Fiction
Ancient Theatre Nolan Carter Non-Fiction
Lizard Pride Eats the Noodles Raw Non-Fiction
Robotics Lamentation Guilherme Norton Non-Fiction
Ashes 2hotdogs Non-Fiction
Ursarkar Creed Sergeant Karls, 204th Hirian Non-Fiction
Timemachine manual Jed Richards Non-Fiction
Nigels Toe HONKZILLA Non-Fiction
Lizzard QMs Adrian Mills Non-Fiction
History of the Ossius Pyrus United Earth Government Non-Fiction
How to Treat a Phytosian United Earth Government Non-Fiction
Managing your Preternis United Earth Government Non-Fiction
Energy Swords Brenna Hawking Non-Fiction
Void War Timeline Brenna Hawking Non-Fiction
Codex Gigas Forces beyond your comprehension Non-Fiction
How lizerds Help NT Anonymous Non-Fiction
Suit Sensors: Why? Sabella Barnes Non-Fiction
veil of acients noir Non-Fiction
Sad Nya's Clara Nya Non-Fiction