Title Author Category Date Written Tools
Book: Murphy's Combat Laws White Mesa Military Printings Religion
Print Job #464 Clown With a Frown Religion
The Sacred Sermon Anonymous Religion
A Guide To Fake Cult Aaren Dunn Religion
Print Job #872 Michael Feufer Religion
veil of acients noir Non-Fiction
Clown Saint Miles Jonathon Religion
Codex Gigas Forces beyond your comprehension Religion
HOLY BOOK OF CALCIUM Father Helium XIV Religion
Tragedy of Plagueis Operative Hidious Religion
Book: History textbook Centcomm Fiction
Print Job #933 Arden Wolfenstampf Religion
Living in Hell Mint Religion
Rules to the Death Note Nannerpuss Non-Fiction
The Ten Commandments Zano Riv Religion
Fire cultism Donny Sommers Religion
Pantheon of Creation Dan Paladin Religion
The Grantelle ?????? Religion
The tale of Loli John Religion
nerdvangelion Warren Religion