Title Author Category Date Written Tools
Robust Clerking Itzhak Weissman Non-Fiction
Comparison of touch based chems to injection Janine Cypret Non-Fiction
The Past & Future Of NanoTransen Jennifer H. Bowocky, 2775 Non-Fiction
Bananas Barry Lionheart Non-Fiction
Slimes Joni Hanford Non-Fiction
The Broken Dreamer A tired young man. Non-Fiction
My Boot Polishing Days Yu Moma Non-Fiction
How to be a Doctor and Not Kill Your Patient Gregory House Non-Fiction
Robotics for Dum-Dums Bender Non-Fiction
Torian Gottmeister and the Zombie Hoard Torian Gottmeister Non-Fiction
Truth about humanity Kyle Sannchez Non-Fiction
Mein Scale 2nd Edition Morpheus White Non-Fiction
A Glorious Ode to Arstotzka Joe Blow Non-Fiction
The Rise of the Lizards Wolf Meynert Non-Fiction
The Decline and Fall of Man Wolf Meynert Non-Fiction
Moloch A. Ginsberg Non-Fiction
The Communist Lizard Manifesto Comrade Molokov Non-Fiction
Dick Justice: Episode One Dick Justice Non-Fiction
How to care for your pet pidgeon, the manual Walter McSquawk. Non-Fiction
The Mime and the Clown Jinochi Non-Fiction