Title Author Category Date Written Tools
Insane Roboticist 2 John Woodwhack Non-Fiction
Insane Roboticist John Woodwhack Non-Fiction
Print Job #220 John Woodwhack Non-Fiction
Book: Goats Episode 1: Goat Hope Jonathan Pike Fiction
Laws and Lizards The Security Team Non-Fiction
Tome of Herbal Knowledge Ma'sha Alazee the Shaman Reference
Modern Anime Garbage Lud Fringe Non-Fiction
Print Job #998 Liiri Galvana Reference
Sex Education Alex Murray Adult
Lizardman History Alex Murray, The Curator Religion
A Captain's Tale Henry Hopper Fiction
A Captain's Tale Henry Hopper Fiction
A Captains Tale Henry Hopper Non-Fiction
Print Job #832 Henry Hopper Non-Fiction
Haikus PillBot Fiction
OneShiftOfADetective Patrick Gumshoe Non-Fiction
Ghoul Frontier TheKaizoku Fiction
Print Job #370 Angkras Religion
Print Job #370 Angkras Religion
Brain Trauma GHost Hemlock Non-Fiction